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Classes and timetables..

Please note that the age ranges for classes are for guidelines only. Please contact Lydia to find the most suitable class for you.

Monday: Ellesmere..
Time Dance Age
3.45pm Tap 3-5 years
4.15pm Ballet 3-5 years
4.45pm Modern Jazz 6-10 years
5.15pm Ballet 6-10 years
5.45pm Tap 6-10 years
6.15pm Freestyle 6+ years
6.45pm Modern Jazz 11+ years
7.15pm Ballet 11+ years
7.45pm Tap 11+ years
8.15pm Pointe Work 14+ years (G4+)



Tuesday: Bayston Hill, Shrewsbury
Time Dance Age
4pm Tap 3-5 years
4.30pm Ballet 3-5 years
5pm Ballet 6-9 years
5.30pm Tap 6-9 years
6pm  Contemporary Modern Jazz 6-9 years
6.30pm Freestyle 6-9 years
7pm Finish  

Thursday: Arddleen, Powys
Time Dance Age
4.20pm Tap 3-5 years
4.50pm Ballet 3-5 years
5.20pm Ballet 6-9 years
5.50pm Tap 6-9 years
6.20pm Freestyle 6-13 years
6.50pm Ballet 10-13 years
7.20pm Tap 10-13 years
7.50pm Finish  

Friday: Arddleen, Powys
Time Dance Age
5.45pm Contemporary Modern Jazz  13+ years
6.15pm Freestyle  13+ years
6.45pm Tap 13+ years
7.15pm Ballet 13+ years
7.45pm Pointe Work  13+ years

Saturday: Shrewsbury
Time Dance Age
9am Pointe Work 14+ years
9.15am Ballet 14+ years
9.45am Tap 14+ years
10.15am Contemporary Modern Jazz 14+ years
10.45am Freestyle 10+ years
11.15am Contemporary Modern Jazz  10-13 years
11.45am Ballet 10-13 years
12.15pm Tap 10-13 years
12.45pm Freestyle 6-9 years
1.15pm Contemporary Modern Jazz 6-9 years
1.45pm Ballet 6-9 years
2.15pm Tap 6-9 years
2.45pm Tap 3-5 years
3.15pm Ballet 3-5 years

Intermediate Training 

16+ years